"I’ve had the great pleasure of two bookings with Layla. She has been totally charming, warm and friendly from my very first contact."

- M, 2018

Let's make a date.

Text or Whatsapp: 0490 129 526 | Email: hello@laylamarx.com

For a note about my approach to COVID-19 during usual periods outside of lockdown, please view my blog. I am currently accepting bookings from October 16th onwards. With our health in mind, I require either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test result from you within 48 hours of our scheduled date.

Note that escorting is not my full time profession and I do not have a personal assistant, though I do try to respond as promptly as I can! As I have a day job in the corporate sector, my administrative time is limited and I do not engage in client correspondence during business hours. If this presents any concerns for you, please initiate your correspondence via email instead of SMS. Phone calls will be ignored.

When initiating contact, please introduce yourself by providing your name and any information that is relevant to our booking, including your preferred date and time, duration, location (if requesting an outcall), and what exactly you wish to explore.

To save our time and ensure your booking request is prioritised, please ensure you have read my website in full and understand my booking requirements and preferred method of contact. Correspondence that is missing booking details, impolite, or refuses to comply with screening or deposit requests will not receive a response.

By submitting your request to meet, you agree to arrange a deposit to set aside our time. If you have any questions or reservations about my booking requirements, please review my FAQ before proceeding.

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