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Post-lockdown trysts

With Sydney's lockdown finally nearing an end, I'm excited to announce that I'm re-opening my books for dates from October 16th!

In anticipation of my return to dating, I have updated my rates to reflect the merging of my services into one all-inclusive package, along with changes to my availability. I now have a 9-5 day job, and my available hours are limited to weeknights and weekends. Please note that I don't check client correspondence during business hours, so as always - requesting our date in advance will ensure my availability to meet! If discretion is of concern to you outside of work hours, please opt to contact me via email me rather than texting.

My return to seeing clients is paired with the interest of public health in mind and as such, I am fully vaccinated to protect both my health and yours. Before agreeing to meet, I will be requesting either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test from you (provided within 48 hours of our scheduled date).

Please get in touch via my contact section to arrange a post-lockdown meet.

Until we are able to meet, stay safe and get vaccinated!

With love,

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