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Terms & Conditions



Our booking begins when we meet.

All services provided are at my discretion and subject to good hygiene and sexual health, along with respectful behaviour.

It is a condition of receiving service that you take a shower at the beginning of our booking when asked.


On some occasions, I may ask for additional screening information from you for my safety. This process may vary depending on the circumstances of our meet, such as outcalls to your private residence or hotel, international bookings, and bookings that may involve elements of BDSM.

Screening information may consist of the following:

  • Photo ID;

  • Your phone number (if contacting me via email);

  • Proof of address or hotel booking if you are requesting an outcall;

  • References from at least 2 other providers you have seen in the last twelve months;

  • Some form of social media or proof of employment, such as Linked In.

Screening information will not be retained past the duration of our date. Your information will be treated with the utmost respect and security, and will be used for no other purpose besides providing reassurance of my safety.

If I request screening information from you and you do not comply, we will not be able to meet.


The following services are not on offer under any circumstances:

  • Bareback sex or condom tampering. All penetrative sex must be with the use of barrier protection; this is non-negotiable.

  • Unreasonable outfit requests that are not discreet for a public setting, or that I do not readily own (if the latter applies, you are welcome to supply or gift your requested outfit during our tryst).

  • Heavy impact play, bondage, or fisting on myself. I am not comfortable with clients restraining me dangerously and causing bruises or other injuries.

  • Age or race play.

  • Consensual non-consent, or touching me while I cannot consent to it (such as when I am asleep or intoxicated).

  • Scat play.

  • Golden showers on myself, or ingesting any other bodily fluids (I am not comfortable offering CIM/CIMWS).

  • Pro-submissive services.

  • Public intimacy.

  • Filming or photography.


If you request a particular service that is on offer but requires prior preparation, but have failed to mention this request prior to our meeting, I am under no obligation to fulfil this request. Such services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Anal sex and anal play. Note that this service is not offered spontaneously solely based on hygiene and health reasons. Whether you are new or a regular, and regardless of size or "roughness", has no impact on this decision.

  • Water sports, as this act would require me to drink lots of water beforehand.

  • Fantasy and taboo role play. If you have a specific scenario in mind, this needs to be discussed and agreed to prior to ensure we are all on the same page.

  • Dress ups and outfit requests, particularly if it is an outfit that I do not readily own.

  • Group scenarios. I am happy to see couples and arrange duo bookings with another provider, provided this is discussed and agreed to prior to meeting.


If you have a particular fetish service request that you suspect may be confronting, I request that you raise this respectfully prior to asking. If your service request is rejected or not met with a response, kindly accept that I am not comfortable discussing your request and do not initiate contact further. Please respect these boundaries when asking about fetish services.

If our booking has an overnight component, I require a minimum 6 hours' undisturbed sleep. During the time that I am asleep, you are not permitted to perform sexual acts on me, as a person who is asleep is unable to consent.


My standard fee applies to outcalls within the Sydney CBD and inner eastern suburbs.


Outcalls outside the Sydney CBD and inner eastern suburbs will attract a travel fee; this fee is proportionate to my travel costs and time spent travelling to your location. The booking duration at your requested location must be equal to twice my travel time.

If you wish to arrange a Fly Me To You (FMTY) booking, you are expected to cover my costs for travel and accommodation in addition to the booking fee. My minimum booking length requirement for a FMTY arrangement is dependent upon the length of travel required to reach your destination; it will vary depending on the bespoke arrangement.


All booking queries are handled by my personal assistant, Candice.


Unless we have a confirmed booking, I do not accept requests to respond directly to client queries. Please respect my time and boundaries by keeping this in mind.

Once you have initiated contact, your booking must be finalised within no more than six messages. Excessive back and forth correspondence is not encouraged and may result in the abandonment of booking preparations.


I accept deposits via either Beem It, electronic bank transfer, ATM deposit, cashless withdrawal or gift cards of my choosing.

For international bookings, I may accept deposits via a local bank account or gift card of my choosing. I do not accept payments via PayPal (except where used as a third party to purchase gift cards), or any other institutions with adult industry exclusionary policies.

When we meet, the remaining balance of your booking fee must be paid in cash, unless full payment is cleared prior to our meet.

For discreet payment, please place the cash inside an envelope and hand it to me before taking a shower at the beginning of our booking. This allows me some space to count the donation before putting it away.

The full balance of your booking fee must be settled before any services can commence. If you arrive at our booking and refuse to make payment, you will be refused service and made liable to cover the cost of our booking in its entirety (in addition to 10% interest per each month payment is delayed).

If you choose to end the booking early, you do not receive a partial refund.


A deposit of $200 per hour of our meet is required to secure all bookings. Bookings of over 8 hours require upfront payment in full, and all FMTY bookings require upfront payment in full in addition to the cost of travel. For outcall bookings, I ask for an additional amount on top of my deposit equivalent to the Uber fare and travel time.


This deposit must be cleared before any preparations can begin for our scheduled date. For extended dates, a payment plan may be agreed upon prior to the date of our meeting, to ensure the booking fee is cleared in its entirety before we meet.


Deposits are a non-negotiable requirement and must be paid immediately at the time of booking. If you are unwilling or unable to arrange your deposit within a reasonable length of time, your booking will not be confirmed.


If you have failed to follow my booking requirements or initiated a cancellation on more than one occasion, I may refuse to entertain future booking requests from you unless a full pre-payment of the booking fee is provided upfront.

Your deposit is not refundable if you cancel.


If you have made a deposit and for whatever reason you need to reschedule (with at least 48 hours’ notice, and taking extenuating circumstances into account), a credit may be given towards our next session at my discretion. This session must be scheduled within one month of the date of the original intended booking.


No credit will be given for no shows or cancellations made within 48 hours of our booking. All deposits and/or payments are non-refundable for cancellations initiated by the client, and will be credited towards a future booking should they fall within the aforementioned circumstances, or otherwise forfeited entirely.

I highly value the time of my clients and will strive to ensure that the time we have both set aside is honoured. If I find that I can no longer make it to our booking, I will either refund your deposit or transfer our booking to another time.


There are very rare and extreme circumstances under which I will cancel a booking and not refund your deposit. These include:

  • showing blatant disrespect and rude manners;

  • exhibiting behaviour that is threatening to my personal safety;

  • presenting with a non-disclosed STI that impedes my ability to safely provide a service;

  • theft and/or non-payment;

  • insisting on receiving a service that I do not, or am currently unable to offer (as stated above under "services");

  • any history of violent behaviour towards other providers and women, regardless of our direct interactions;

  • providing deliberately incorrect or misleading verification information during your screening process;

  • failing to follow my payment or booking instructions in a manner that jeopardises our mutual discretion; and

  • repeatedly ignoring personal boundaries.


If any of these behaviours occur during our booking, your booking will be cancelled immediately and your full payment withheld.

Travel Fees
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