Fly me to you.

Due to changes to my circumstances, I sadly no longer have the capacity to tour in the near future. I am permanently based in Sydney for dates.

While I typically welcome Fly Me To You dates, in light of the Australian Government's implementation of a ban on all international travel... any requests for overseas bookings will have to be put on hold for now. However, I have re-commenced offering interstate FMTY dates. In the unfortunate circumstance that a COVID outbreak inteferes with our plans to meet, I am more than happy to be flexible in rescheduling our tryst.

Note that factoring in travel time, my availability for travel is dependent on the distance of your requested location and the length of our date, and/or the amount of notice given.

Out of respect for both your personal schedule and mine, providing as much notice as possible for FMTY dates is highly encouraged.


"An experience with Layla is passionate, warm and intimate. When she puts her arms around you and those sweet lips touch yours ... well, a bit of heaven comes your way."

-M, 2018.