Frequently asked questions.

For a note about my COVID-19 policy, please view my blog.

Where are you located?

My incall is located in Potts Point, Sydney. It is a 5-10 minute drive or short train ride from the CBD. There is nearby street parking for those travelling by car.

I also offer outcalls to surrounding suburbs. Just note that outcalls do attract an additional fee to cover my travel costs.

How can I arrange a date with you?

You can make an enquiry via the contact form on my contact page. Generally, I respond to enquiries via either email or SMS. Please note that I do not answer phone calls, and contacting me from an anonymous number will not ensure a response at all.

To make a booking, please contact me with:

  • Your name and location;

  • Your preferred time(s) and date(s);

  • Incall or outcall (incall located in Potts Point, outcalls incur an additional fee to cover travel);

  • The duration of our session;

  • Which specific service(s) you would like; and

  • Any other special requests.


When making an enquiry, providing the above information along with good manners will ensure a response. Enquiries that are vague, disrespectful or fail to indicate that you understand my booking requirements will not be prioritised.

When can I see you?

I am generally available for bookings during weekday evenings and Saturdays, with day time availability on some weekdays. To protect my privacy, I won't publicly disclose my exact availability. Contact me directly to discuss a time that works for both of us.

Do note that I am a full-time postgraduate student with work, social, family and volunteering commitments outside of escorting and have limited flexibility in my schedule. To ensure an unrushed and enjoyable experience for both of us, your forward planning is much appreciated.

Why do you need personal information from me before confirming a booking?

When you contact me, I may ask for some additional information in order to screen you for my personal safety. This is a standard part of arranging bookings with my clients and if you do not comply, we will not be able to meet.

The reason I ask for this information is because while I love what I do, my profession does place me at a disproportionately higher risk for violence and abuse. While I would love to be able to trust all of my clients and adopt a completely relaxed approach to working, it is an unfortunate fact that clients with sinister intentions do exist, and they do regularly target providers. My need for your information does not arise by any means from malicious intentions, but from a need to protect my own safety. Screening is the only way I can ensure this.

Please be assured that discretion and confidentiality are of utmost importance to me as a professional provider, and I expect mutual discretion from my clients. Should you require a Non-Disclosure Agreement as reassurance, I am absolutely happy to provide one.

Do you require a deposit?

Deposits are a firm requirement to ensure my commitment to meeting you. For outcall bookings, I ask for an additional amount on top of my deposit equivalent to the uber fare in order to compensate any travel costs incurred.

To confirm a date, a 20% deposit (or 50% for dates eight hours or longer)  is required. This deposit must be cleared before any preparations can begin for our scheduled date. For extended dates, a payment plan may be agreed upon prior to the date of our meeting, to ensure the booking fee is cleared in its entirety before we meet. I accept deposits via either bank transfer, ATM deposit, cashless withdrawal or gift cards of my choosing.

For your privacy, my account name is obscure and discreet – you will not find a transaction made to ‘Layla Marx’ anywhere on your statement! If your privacy and discretion is still a concern, direct cash deposits allow your deposit to be made with no trace on your account. Please note that I do not accept deposits made via the teller, and any failure to obey my deposit instructions will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.  Prezzee is an excellent alternative for short notice bookings, as Prezzee gift card transactions are processed immediately (and simply show up on your account as having purchased from Prezzee).

For international bookings, I may accept deposits via a local bank account, bitcoin or via a gift card of my choice.

I do not accept payments via PayPal (except where used as a third party to purchase gift cards), or any other institutions which have been known to discriminate against the adult industry.

What if I have paid a deposit, but can no longer make it to the booking?

If you have made a deposit and for whatever reason you need to reschedule (with at least 48 hours’ notice, and depending on the reason for cancellation), a credit may be given towards our next session at my discretion. This session must be scheduled within one month of the date of the original intended booking. No credit will be given for no shows or cancellations made within 48 hours of our booking. All deposits and/or payments are non-refundable for cancellations initiated by the client, and will be credited towards a future booking should they fall within the aforementioned circumstances, or otherwise forfeited entirely.

I highly value the time of my clients and will strive to ensure that the time we have both set aside is honoured. If I find that I can no longer make it to our booking, I will either refund your deposit or transfer our booking to another time.

There are very rare and extreme circumstances under which I will cancel a booking and not refund your deposit. These include showing blatant disrespect and rude manners, exhibiting behaviour that is threatening to my personal safety, and repeatedly ignoring personal boundaries. If such behaviour occurs during a booking, your booking will be cancelled immediately and your full payment withheld.

How do you arrange payment during bookings?

I accept payment via cash, unless full payment is cleared prior to our meet. I may accept partial payment via a gift card of my choosing at my discretion.

For discreet payment, please place the cash inside an envelope and hand it to me before taking a shower at the beginning of our booking. This allows me some space to count the donation before putting it away.

If you arrive at our booking and refuse to make payment, you will be refused service and made liable to cover the cost of our booking in its entirety (in addition to 10% interest per each month payment is delayed).

Why can’t I see your face?

I’m an extremely private person. I’d like to ensure my own privacy, as well as my clients’ when we are in public. I also keep my identity anonymous in order to protect my loved ones, pursue my career and travel internationally without worrying about the repercussions of my current work. For as long as sex work attracts social stigma, providers will continue to blur their faces. The good news is that our faces aren't blurred in person. ;)

If you are concerned about my appearance, I have tonnes of verified images (both professional and half face selfies) and positive reviews where clients have been more than complimentary while mentioning my appearance. I have shot with renowned photographers within the industry who can verify that I am a real person - not a catfish. I have gone to extensive effort to accurately convey my appearance and overall aesthetic in my about me.

If you find that my reviews, images and description of my appearance are still inadequate and you still insist on seeing my face, then it is clear we are not compatible. There are so many reputable face-out companions around, that it is unnecessary, not to mention a rude display of power play, to demand face-in companions to out themselves.

I’m not sure if we’ll click. Do you allow free meet ups before committing to a booking?

As I’m sure you already understand, a provider’s time is never free, but I do offer social dates at a reduced rate! Please note that social dates must be arranged in a public place, and that no intimacy is included in this booking.

I would like to take you on a dinner date, but I am unsure where to take you. Do you have any recommendations?

I adore dinner dates. There is nothing better than unwinding and getting to know each other over a delicious meal and a few glasses of wine.

I love trying new cuisines and am open-minded to almost everything – go ahead and surprise me! If you do find yourself lost for choices, a few personal favourites of mine include:

Restaurant Moon (Darlinghurst)

Momofuku Seiobo (Pyrmont)

Mr Wong’s (The Rocks)

Sake (The Rocks)

Akiba (Canberra)

Courgette (Canberra)

As for drinks to complement our meal – I enjoy scotch, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Pinot Noir, orange wine, Japanese sakes, lychee cider and G&T.

Do you allow discounts?

Generally, no. I set my rates at what I feel is an accurate reflection of the current market and the quality of my companionship

However, I do offer rewards to clients who have taken the time to show that they value my time. Requesting a date well in advance, providing deposits, and building up rapport will ensure that you are well taken care of!

My rates are also structured to allow discounted rates for longer bookings. If value for money is a primary concern of yours in seeing a provider, I would suggest booking for longer!

What’s your ideal date night outfit?

My ideal date night outfit is an elegant Zimmermann dress and nude Louboutin heels, paired with subtle jewellery such as gold earrings and a watch. During the day, I love Gorman summer dresses and playsuits, paired with low-heeled sandals. Underneath, you’ll find a selection from my extensive Studio Pia or Bordelle lingerie collection. In terms of makeup, I like to keep it minimal to accentuate my natural features.

Why did you pursue escorting?

Because, why not? You’re only young and attractive once! I’d been curious about entering the sex industry for years before I finally decided to take the leap, and haven’t looked back since.

I love the thrill that escorting offers, I enjoy meeting new people from all walks of life, I love sex and intimacy, and the lifestyle and opportunities sex work has to offer suits me perfectly at this stage in my life.

Having an already-established career and education at the time did not deter me from pursuing escorting. In fact, my background and life experience has equipped me with the skills to thrive very well in this profession.

Do you see clients of different races, clients with disability, female clients, elderly clients, virgins etc?

Absolutely! I do not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexuality, race, age, disability or level of sexual experience. In fact, I love that my work has provided me the opportunity to see people of such a diverse range of backgrounds. As long as you’re polite, respectful and legally able to consent, I am happy to see you.

Do note, however, that my incall is not suitable for those with mobility issues. If your ability to verbally communicate presents as an issue during booking negotiations to the extent that I am unable to confidently navigate consent during our booking, I may politely decline to meet. If either are the case, I'm more than happy to either arrange a suitable alternative place to meet, or refer you to a disability-trained peer who can better accommodate your needs.

Do you offer fetish or BDSM services?

I don’t offer BDSM services to first-time clients without a reference from a provider you have previously received BDSM services from.

I am primarily a GFE provider, and only offer select BDSM services at my discretion. I am not comfortable with clients restraining me dangerously and causing bruises or other injuries.

I do offer a number of fetishes at my discretion including fantasy role play, foot fetish, Greek, water sports, and dress ups. Due to my own discomfort, consensual non-consent, heavy impact play and age play are hard limits and if you suspect that your fetish may be confronting, I request that you raise this respectfully prior to asking. If your fetish request is rejected or not met with a response, kindly accept that I am not comfortable discussing your request and do not initiate contact further. Please respect these boundaries when asking about fetish services.

Why don’t you offer a PSE package? Is PSE the same thing as DGFE?

I do not provide a ‘Porn Star Experience'. I either provide a ‘Girlfriend Experience’ or ‘Dirty Girlfriend Experience’. To understand the difference between my packages, please have a read of my rates section.

Although a lot of what is included in my DGFE could be classified as PSE per se, I am primarily a GFE provider. This is reflected in my overall demeanour during dates and my preferred style of sex. I don’t use the term PSE to distinguish myself from PSE providers, and to manage the expectations of any clients looking to book an experience that closely resembles what is often portrayed in porn.

Will you visit my city?

I get asked this a lot! I love to travel and visit new places, but due to changes in my circumstances and the extreme cost of overheads when touring, I have no plans to tour in the near future.

Rather than asking if I have plans to visit your city, why not take the leap and request a Fly Me To You visit instead? If you plan to visit Sydney, I make a great tour guide...

Where do you advertise?

My preferred advertising platforms are Tryst, Ivy Societe and Dakota Dice as they are ethically run and Australian-owned. I also currently advertise on Scarlet Blue and maintain an online presence on Twitter and Instagram.

I am not currently listed on any other platforms. If you find me advertised elsewhere, please let me know, because they have either stolen my images and details, or the information of the advertisement is out of date!

Can I leave you a review?

Reviews are absolutely welcome. It means a lot to hear that I’ve made someone feel cherished, valued and safe during our time together.


However, please keep my right to privacy and discretion in mind while writing reviews and refrain from exposing any of my personal details or going into explicit erotic detail. Each experience I share with my clients is unique, and these experiences should stay between us.

I’d like to buy you a gift. Do you have a wishlist?

While gifts are by no means expected, they are a thoughtful and lovely gesture! You can find my wishlist below.


"She is definitely a combination of beauty, brains and talents. Quick to settle my nerves, and made for an incredible and fun experience.

Look after her and she will more than look after you."

- R, 2019.



Lingerie: babylikestopony, Edge 'O Beyond, Studio Pia. Bordelle, Tisja Damen, Agent Provocateur, ID Sarrieri (bra size 32B, panties XS-S)

Giftcards: As a frequent traveller, I very much appreciate gift cards for flights! I also adore Prezzee, Mecca, IKEA, Kinokuniya, Petbarn, Eckersley's Art & Craft, and day spa gift cards.

Apparel: Alice McCall, Zimmermann, Gorman, Ted Baker, Bec and Bridge, Lanvin, Alias Mae

Beauty: Nars, Urban Decay, Tarte, Kate Somerville, Origins, Living Proof

Scents: Aqua Vitae Forte by Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

Chocolate: The Chocolate Line and Haigs

Flowers: Orchids and cherry blossoms. I do have a cat, so no lilies please!

Toys: something to enjoy during our rendezvous.

Any items purchased from my wishlist can either be brought to our date in person, or giftcards emailed to me at: